Cash Bonds

If you or someone you care about has suddenly found themselves in jail, then you will be in need a bonding out. This means that the judge will set a bail amount and you will either have to stay in jail until your court date or cover the bail to be released. The court does this to give you a reason to show up to court when you’re due to do so. Often it will be possible to put up only a percentage of the full bail amount but sometimes it’s necessary to pay a cash bond.

How Do Cash Bonds Work?

When a bond is allowed to be made through a bond agent then the agent will usually require that you pay 10% upfront which will be kept as their fee. For those who are in Decatur, Texas using a company like Capital Bail Bonds makes this process as easy and painless as possible. As long as you show up to court as you are scheduled to then the remaining amount will not need to be paid by you. But sometimes a bond will not go through a bail agent and this will mean that a full cash bond is required.

In this type of situation, the full bail amount will be given to the court and the court will hold on to it until the court date. Just as before, as long as the defendant shows up as scheduled, then the bond amount will be returned. Almost anyone can post a full bail amount on your behalf. This means if you have a family member or a friend who is willing and able to pay the full amount of the bond then they can take care of it and you can bond out.

What Happens To The Money If You Fail To Come To Court?

Regardless of the reason, if you fail to come to court as scheduled then you or whoever posted the full bail amount will lose it as it will be forfeited to the court. At that point, you will not only have lost the full amount of bail paid but you will also have a warrant placed on you for your arrest. Even if you just simply overslept or forgot, it will still not be possible to get the cash back that you paid.

Are There Any Special Requirements When Making A Cash Bail Bond?

If you have been charged with any type of drug-related crime then the court will require that you prove any cash being used to pay your bond did not come from the sale of drugs. If the court believes that the money being used was generated from drug sales then it will not accept that money toward the bail amount. When you need bail and are in Decatur, Texas contact Capital Bail Bonds and we can help.

Credit or Debit

If you or someone that you know ever needs to post bond, you might want to be aware that now you can pay the bond using a credit card or debit card. In the past, this wasn’t possible but now it is. This could mean that in some cases a person that might otherwise not be able to make bond could, provided that the credit card or debit card had enough funds to do so.

Remarkably, it is now possible to earn points when paying your bond if your credit card offers that option. This could mean that a bad situation could end up helping you when you’re released to go on a vacation and relax. All over the country, many jails are allowing you to pay your bond over the internet and to do so using a debit or credit card. It is important to know that there are some additional fees that will apply in order to use that system.

If you want to avoid some of those fees then you might want to consider using a bail bonds agent. For those who are located or jailed in and around the Decatur, Texas area then you might want to call on Capital Bail Bonds as they are a highly reputable establishment that can help you get the problem resolved. It might seem as though it is a convenient option to pay online using a credit or debit card but you will want to check and see what all the different fees are to see if it’s really worth it to you or not.

There are some jails that offer a kiosk that inmates can use as well as their relatives or friends to pay the bail amount on a charge card or debit card. Just a few years ago this type of option wasn’t available. Over the last several years, however, the technology and the changes in rules have made it increasingly convenient although sometimes pricey because of all the extra fees.

One fact that still remains is that there has been no standard approach to the process and this means that what is available and what fees are charged for it vary between one jail and another. As well, there are some jails that still only allow cash payments or payment through the use of a bail bondsman in order to make bail. For this reason, you will still need to use a company like Capital Bail Bonds in Decatur, Texas for those situations and in others, the added fees of going through the internet and using a credit card or debit card may make it more convenient and practical to just simply use a traditional bail bonds agent.

No Collateral Services

Individuals that are being charged with a crime are typically kept in custody up until the end of the hearing. But in certain cases, the individual can apply for bail. If bail is granted, the individual has to put down a certain amount of money, and if they don’t have the finances for bail, they can consult with a bail bondsman like Capital Bail Bonds in Decatur, TX. Because where other bail bond services will require some type of collateral before they aid with the bail money, Capital Bail Bonds can make the exception.

Given that the collateral has to meet or exceed the bail amount, it is understandable that not everyone can have it. Not everyone is in a position to afford a property or valuable shares in a business, which can cause a serious problem when attempting to meet the financial bail requirements.

How No Collateral Bail Bonds Work

There is a process involved when applying for a no collateral bail bond, but Capital Bail Bonds tries to make it as easy and basic as possible. And given the current situation, more complexity is the last thing anyone needs.

Instead, we look at factors like:

  • The type of crime and the history of the person being charged
  • The character of the individual applying for the bail as well as the person being charged
  • The credit rating of the applicant

Of course, there are other factors involved as well, but this will give you a general idea of what to expect. In the end, Capital Bail Bonds wants to make a fair assessment whether collateral is really necessary, especially when the applicant doesn’t have it.

As for individuals who apply on behalf of someone else, keep in mind that you are taking full responsibility for paying the bond if the person being charged breaks the terms of their bail agreement.

Use The Right Bail Bondsman

Not all bail bond services are created equal, and Capital Bail Bonds is a good example of this statement.

If nothing else, we want to make it easy for people who are waiting for their fair trial to spend this time at home, instead of in a cell. And seeing as most people won’t have the financial reserves or collateral to put down for bail, Capital Bail Bonds in Decatur, TX, will be there to help.

All you have to do is contact us and we’ll begin the process of assessing your application.